Isaac Hers Closing

It is with mixed emotions that I announce the closure of Isaac Hers.  I have been in this business for 6 years and have truly loved all the amazing customers and industry people I have met.  Also, during this time I have had a couple of awesome kids and watched them grow and develop from babies to young boys.  Over the past couple of years work has crept increasingly into my family time, and it is only because I have such a supportive and loving husband that I have been able to work 6 days/week.  Having said that, as my children have gotten older, their needs have changed, and the schedule I have been working is no longer workable or prudent for my family.  I will certainly miss the store and my customers, but it is important for me to put family first right now.  As for the Isaac Hers collection, it is on hold for at least six months.  During this time, I will evaluate which projects fit into my personal schedule.  I (personally) am not going away or retiring, I am just resetting and reprioritizing.

In the meantime, there will be killer sales at the store! Starting Saturday  August 11th everything will be at least 50% off!!  The exact closing date is not set, but expect final closure to be around mid-September.  I want to thank the fashion community, the press and all my beautiful customers for all the amazing times and support.  It means the world to me.  Please come by and see all of us before we close.




Summer Sale is On!!

Things are heating up here in Portland, just at the right time to catch a hot sale.  Come on by for big discounts on all merchandise 20%-60% off!!  Whew!  Hot sale on cool stuff!

Photo: Lavenda Memory

Isaac Hers Style: Meet Anyeley

Wowzers, it has been awhile since putting up a style post.  This week, I give you one delightful and smart woman.  Anyeley works for the real estate development firm, Project, which is upstairs from Isaac Hers.  Since opening, she has popped in to shop and over time we have gotten to know her.  I love her smile and her friendly demeanor, so pleasant to be around.  Also, she is a working mom with the cutest little boy!  I just love meeting other cool, working moms.  So glad she could do this shoot with us, she looks AMAZING!

Photo: Lavenda Memory, Hair/Makeup: Jennifer White Webb

Name:  Anyeley Hallová
Age: 36
Occupation:   Real Estate Developer (upstairs from Isaac Hers)
Any pets/kids?  A lovely little boy with big curly hair and the name of a French general.
Hometown:   Deerfield Beach, Florida

What publications do you subscribe to (fashion or otherwise)?  Portland Monthly, People, and Marie Claire.

What are your go-to accessories?   I like modern shapes and designs. I have this simple wire necklace with one aqua glass ball on it that I got from the Textile Museum in Barcelona, Spain. It has been my go-to accessory for well over 10 years.

Photo: Lavenda Memory, Hair/Makeup-Jennifer White Webb

What is your power outfit?  The shoes (meaning tall heels) give the outfit the power. For example, a work power outfit might be a grey pencil shirt, skinny belt, and fitted shirt with leopard print or bright red heels.

Do you have any sentimental/heirloom pieces?  No. My grandmother and mother aren’t into fashion and don’t really wear much jewelry. My favorite accessories are ones that friends give me, because I think of them every time I wear it.

What was the best style advice you received and who gave it to you?  My best style advice comes from two different people. The first is my husband who is in the retail industry and challenges me to stay fresh with “what’s current” from his travels to New York, Asia, and Europe. The second is my fabulous New Yorker friend Negin Farsad, comedian, movie director, and women extraordinaire, she reminds me to never forget to incorporate color into my wardrobe.

How has your style evolved over the past 5 years?   I have a style that changes depending on what city I live in: Boston, Atlanta, Ithaca…. Growing up in South Florida in the 80s and 90s it was bright colors and short skirts. I’ve become more Portland in the past 5 years. More black, lots of gray, layers, outdoor wear, knee high boots, and skinny black jeans.

What would you never be caught wearing?   Fannypack and a jean jacket (perhaps from too much in the 90s). Skinny jeans, till I was encouraged to by one of my style advisors. Now I wear them everyday. So you never know on that fannypack.

What new trend are you excited to try?  Bright orange/coral, aqua, and color blocked clothes to match up to my gray waredrobe. I already found myself a nice bright orange and gray shirt from Isaac Hers to start.

Photo: Lavenda Memory, Hair/Makeup: Jennifer White Webb

Heels or flats?  Heels, hands down. But now with a little kid, they need to be comfortable heels. No more “pain for fashion” shoes for me. I actually bought the shoes from the photoshoot (in Neon Yellow) and they are really comfortable.

What attracts you to Isaac Hers?   The owner, but of course – and the ability to always find something new and exciting, for you or a friend. It’s my go-to for girlfriend gift shopping. Did I mention that the store is right below my office? The ever-changing window display provides eye candy when I get to work in the morning and is also what lures me in.

What are you wearing (in the photoshoot)?   Baja Dress from Issac Hers and United Nude – Geisha Hi in Orange Elastic from Sole Struck. The accessories were all from Issac Hers. I fell in love with the silver metal and gray string bracelet. I appreciate the weight and substance of the piece and also the slight clanging noise that it makes when you move – creating both a visual and auditory experience.

Photos:  Lavenda Memory
Hair/Makeup:  Jennifer White Webb-Prima Salon


Yo Vintage Pop-Up Store at Blackbox

Whew!  It has been awhile since I blogged.  Trying to take a little time off.  You should know that we have a new neighbor, sort of.  Since last summer we have stocked awesome pre-loved/vintage goodness from Yo Vintage.  You guys love it so much, that Sarah Radcliffe, the proprietress, created a pop-up right next door!  Yay!   While they are not permanent, they will be around for a few months and stock a lot more merchandise than we could.  Love having Sarah and the girls next door.  Stop by and check it out!

Isaac Hers Style: Meet Megan

This little lady is sooo bubbly and fun, her presence is like a ray of sunshine.  I met Megan through her sister, Jillian Rabe, and have grown to know her over time.  She has been an instrumental member in the production of my fashion shows.  She is the back stage lead and always makes sure the show runs smoothly.  We have shared many stressful and ridiculously silly moments.  Good memories, so happy to know her!  Being a true renaissance woman, Megan also designs a line of jewelry called Luca and owns Rococo Waxing Boutique .  This girls keeps herself busy!  Clearly, she is never bored.   She is also very beautiful – some girls get it all, I guess.

Photo: Lavenda Memory, Hair/Makeup: Jennifer White Webb

Name: Megan Rabe
Age: 25
Occupation: Esthetician and Owner of Rococo Waxing Boutique , Backstage Manager, and Retail Manager at The Space- Jillian Rabe Productions.
Any pets/kids? Currently an adopted house cat named Knox, he’s a ladies man with wild ways.
Hometown: Hillsboro, Or

Do you have any knick-names? Meggie-Doo has stuck around. It refers to the outrageous Mohawk I had when I was a baby.

What are your go-to accessories? A turqoise ring from Mexico, black walnut pendent from the Walden collection in my jewelry line LUCA, and a sterling silver cuff my sister bought for me 2 years ago. It doesn’t leave my wrist and reads, “she believed she could so she did.” It is my “power” bracelet, and I think of her. I want every woman to wear one.

Photo: Lavenda Memory, Hair/Makeup: Jennifer White Webb

What is your power outfit? On show days, backstage gets exciting. All black is the way to go- pants, leather boots and leather jacket- it gets me amped for the event. To keep it real, I sport a black fanny pack on my hip that holds all my day of show goodies.

Do you have any sentimental/heirloom pieces? A pair of gold set diamonds my grandmother gave me, they were hers. She’s been an incredible inspiration in my life, and it reminds me of what it means to work hard and take care of those you love. I wear them every day.

What was the best style advice you received and who gave it to you? “Wear what makes you feel fabulous, because you are,” my dear friend John Gest.

How has your style evolved over the past 5 years? My style has sort of recycled itself, and along with common trends, I’ve been having fun bringing back styles that I wore years ago. Anything goes now!

Photo: Lavenda Memory, Hair/Makeup: Jennifer White Webb

What would you never be caught wearing? Socks and sandals. Haha

What new trend are you excited to try? At the photo shoot I tried on Jeffery Campbells for the first time and am in love, they’re so comfortable! I want to get the American Flag Litas.

Heels or flats? I don’t wear heels much in the winter, but love to the rest of the year.

What attracts you to Isaac Hers? The clothes are all so hot, with cohesive designs for easy mixing and matching, its awesome and fun.

What are you wearing? I wore the Isaac Hers Playa Top in red, with a pair of amazing denim from Level 99, Necklaces from my line Luca and Jeffrey Campbell Litas from Solestruck.

Photos:  Lavenda Memory
Hair/Makeup:  Jennifer White Webb – Prima Salon 


Open Season Fashion Show: Behind the Scenes

Photo: Kyja King

Open Season show was the best ever! With sun beams streaming through the windows of Sandbox Studios, designers, models, Salon 220 stylists, Aveda make-up artists, and Mercury production staff scurried around the room making sure everything is just so for the evenings main event!

Photo: Kyja King

Photo: Kyja King

I love the Portland Mercury fashion shows. It’s a great place to catch up with fellow designers and see what they’ve been up to the past year.  It is good to see where there inspirations have taken them and, generally, just hang out.

Barb and Lindsay Reif. Photo: Kyja King

Shadow Sisters. Photo: Kyja King

This is the first year the Mercury has held the event at Sandbox Studios and WOW! What a great event space. Marjorie and her team really out did themselves with a simple white 56’ runway, Red Bull as a sponsor, and the perfect choice of venue.  Sandbox is a warehouse event space that is set up perfectly for this type of event.  The audience had ample room for mingling and great access to and visibility of the runway.  Backstage, well, lets just say it’s a good thing we all like each other! The close quarters did help keep the energy and excitement up and a person could almost always catch a little miniature dance party happening somewhere in the room!

Photo: Kyja King

When the lights went down and the show commenced, everything went so smoothly. Good spirits and can-do attitude going on backstage made all the difference.  Even with all the quick changes, the show went off without a hitch!

Kyla and Marjorie from the Mercury after the show! Success!

Barb and her models. Photo-Kyja King

We have to give a big thank you to our five models for the event. Zoe, Heather, Jessica, Tiffany, and Dayna , you all looked lovely. Another big thank you has to go out to Sarah Atkins of Martine Satchels for all her help with dressing and undress the models! We couldn’t have done it with out you!

Dayna and Sarah from Martine. Photo – Kyja King

Thanks to everyone at Salon 220 and the Aveda make-up artists for making our inspirations realities and thanks to Marjorie and her productions staff for making this show one of the best Mercury shows EVER! Last, but certainly not least, thanks to everyone who came out to see the show and support local designers. We love our vibrant community of friends and fashionistas! Hope to see you all again soon! THANKS!

Isaac Hers Style: Meet Anne

It has been 1 year since we opened our doors in the Blackbox building.  During this time, we have met so many new customers, many of which have come from surrounding businesses and residences.  Anne happens to be one of those who wandered in sometime between working hours.  She works over at ZGF Architects, right across the street.  We have grown to love her enthusiasm for our store and her general excitement to try new things.  So much fun when she comes in to shop.  Also, she looks AMAZING!!    She is an inspiration, that you can have work, family and still have time to look great!

Photo: Lavenda Memory, Hair/Makeup – Jennifer White Webb

Name:  Anne Rogness
Age: 46
Occupation:   Commercial Interior Designer (across the street at ZGF!)
Any pets/kids?  (2)  great kids -15 yr old girl and 14 yr old boy,  (2)  sweet cats, (1) awesome horse
Hometown: Portland OR.
What publications do you subscribe to (fashion or otherwise)?   Sunset, National Geographic, Practical Horsemen.

What is your power outfit?
At Work – knee length, gabardine light grey skirt, heels, skinny belt, and crisp button up shirt.
For Fun – a little black dress, sleeveless, with an interesting neck line.
Weekends – Buff colored, low rise riding breeches, my tall/black/custom leather boots, Bling-y belt, fitted collared shirt and fitted red athletic jacket.

Photo: Lavenda Memory, Hair/Makeup – Jennifer White Webb

Do you have any sentimental/heirloom pieces?   My Grandmother’s double strand pearl bracelet and a Great Aunt’s Art Deco ring – my sister used the diamond from it for her wedding ring and I took the setting and added a blue topaz, I love it.

 What was the best style advice you received and who gave it to you?   Invest in well made, well fitted clothes and you will not have regrets, given by both my Grandmothers.

How has your style evolved over the past 5 years?  Less conservative, incorporating more “fun” styled shoes, adding  unique/unexpected pieces – new or vintage.

 What would you never be caught wearing?  Sweatpants and/or a big sweatshirt.

Photo: Lavenda Memory, Hair/Makeup: Jennifer White Webb

What new trend are you excited to try?   The influence of the 1920’s on fashion , I love the designs of that era and I am obsessed with Downton Abbey!

 Heels or flats?   Medium Heels for the “power” look and I love Boots with my jeans

What attracts you to Isaac Hers?   Artistic and unique pieces, comfortable and fit well, and I love telling people they are locally designed!

What are you wearing (in the photoshoot)?   The very lovely and comfortable Isaac Hers La Vida Loca Dress, Jeffrey Campbell, Gibson Animal Print shoes from Solestruck, Roost Black Horn Cuff, Mariella Pilato Crystal Pyramid Necklace, and silver ring from home.

Photo: Lavenda Memory
Hair/Makeup:  Jennifer White Webb – Prima Salon 

Open Season Fashion Show Tomorrow!!

Well, it is that time of year again, where local designers come together to show their stuff!   The line up this year is really great!!   We will be there of course, showing Fall 2012.  So, if you missed the Chambers show, this is our encore.  Get tickets today, because tomorrow they will be $2 more (that’s half-way to a pint of beer).  Thank you Marjorie and the Portland Mercury for pulling it all together.  Gonna be a good time!

Isaac Hers Breakdown Dress – Photo: Neil DaCosta, Courtesty Portland Mercury

The lineup!!

New Goodies from Will Leather Goods

They’re here!  We have a fresh shipment of gorgeous bags from Will Leather Goods.  Known for the quality and workmanship, their products will take you pretty much wherever you are going.  They are designed to be beautiful, practical and lasting.  Take a gander.

Coffee Sack Carry All – $95

The coffee sack carry all is made from up cycled coffee bean sacks, hence the name.  It is fully lined with a heavy duty twill and adorned with a braided leather handle.

Dhurrie Mason Bag - $550

Dhurrie Mason Bag – $550

Love the Dhurrie bags.  Made from vintage Indian Dhurrie mats, the Mason Bag is one sturdy satchel.   This versatile bag can be your everything bag, purse, briefcase or even an overnight bag.  It has a hinged opening like an old-fashioned doctors bag.

Oscar Lamb Duffle – $475

Luxe.  Made from washed Italian lambskin, this bag is soooo soft and delicious.  The Oscar Lamb Duffle is roomy and delicious weekend bag.  As if you need another excuse to travel!

Small Dhurrie Crossbody – $200

Love these small cross body bags.  Made from found Indian Dhurrie mats, each one in unique.  The images shown here of the *actual* bags we have in the store.  So, if you love one in particular, please call and specify which.  The bright colors are just gorgeous!!  It is the perfect everyday bag.  Here are a few color choices.

Small Dhurrie Crossbody – $200

Small Dhurrie Crossbody – $200

Lennon Backpack – $275

Last, but not least, is the Lennon Backpack, a favorite at the shop.  Made from rugged, heavy duty twill and leather, this bag will take a beating.  Whether you are traveling across Europe, going to school or going work, it will take you where you need to go.  Beautiful.